May Xie for Trustee

A Message from May

Dear Friends,

My name is May Xie and I am running for HDSB trustee for Wards 3 and 6. One cannot live in both wards simultaneously. Rather, parents must know that their representative is someone who they can trust, who is accessible, and who values their input. I will be an objective advocate for parents and students in both diverse communities. My goal is to help improve the public school program. I am not a career politician. I am the only candidate with strong accounting and management background, and will ensure board accountability and appropriate allocation of resources. I am committed to ensuring all students (including students with special needs and vulnerable students) are supported in their personal growth and academic development in an enriched learning community that prepares them for their future.

During my campaign, I have knocked many doors and talked to hundreds of residents in Ward 3 and 6. I am aware of the following issues: changes on administrative policy re extracurricular activities due to liability insurance issues, which creates extra burdens for schools and parents to carry on extracurricular activities; school capacity issues; funding issues, school bus issues, privacy concerns.

I hear your concerns and I will be your voice! If I am elected, I will make sure any significant policy change will be carefully reviewed and practical and clearly communicated to students and parents; I will also work closely with Town and regional councillors and our MPP on resources and funding.

Please feel free to contact me via phone or email if you have any questions or concerns. I am accessible and always value your input. Together we are stronger!

May Xie
A Trustee You Can Trust


For Our Children, For Our Future, VOTE MAY XIE

May is married and has two elementary school children. Her expertise in business and accounting are strengths that are valuable as a Trustee. May has completed her MBA and CPA. Her successful professional experience includes being a Controller at a major legal recruitment firm, Senior Accountant and Finance Manager at two Canadian companies. This excellent experience will enable her to ensure that budgeting process is transparent and public funds will be spent in an effective and efficient manner.

May has been very involved in all aspects of her community including volunteering in the language program at a local school since 2014 and a member of a school council since 2017.

As a first- generation immigrant, May believes that “great education most often leads to success”.

As a school trustee, “I will be honest and transparent and students will be “first”!


News: Ontario government has launched its education consultation. I encourage every one- parents, students, educators to participate in the consultation to get your voices heard. Please click on the link below for more details:


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